Intermedicas is the first medical second opinion provider in Romania

What we do: we guide patients towards top doctors specialized in the needed medical field. Either in Romania or abroad, either in a state hospital or in a private facility, Intermedicas will always know what doctor is the best option a patient has.

Our international network: We provide our patients with the most relevant medical network in Romania and worldwide, in countries such as Germany, the Great Britain, France, Israel, Japan, Spain, Austria, Turkey, Greece and the USA.

Official provider for international insurers such as Cigna, Aetna, Vanbreda etc..

Second medical opinion. What, When, How


When facing a major medical decision our medical board will identify the top two leading doctors for your condition, across the globe, and connect you to the one you choose


If case you doubt a diagnostic In the case of surgery recommendation In case of severe diseases (eg. cancer) In case one doesn’t trust a recommended treatment


You only need to deliver us your complete medical file – by e-mail/fax/in person

Two options:

  • Get a medical second opinion from a world class doctor, with extensive and proven expertise in similar cases
  • Get the best care (diagnosis, treatment plan, surgical intervention) from the same doctor or from a team that follows its advice

Personal Health Assistant

  • Medical case management – guiding the patient towards the top 2 medical solutions, in the shortest time possible
  • Priority acces to top doctors, both in Romania and abroad - direct contact with the recommended / chosen top doctor
  • 24/7 emergency hot line, both for adults and kids
  • Getting the most out of the insurance policy, by granting quick access to the best doctors covered by the policy, and recommending the best specialists
  • Access to visiting professors program – 10% discount
  • Second opinon – worldwide renowed specialists - 50% discount
  • Facilitation & monitoring hospitalization - staying by the patient’s side if in state hospitals, when necessary
  • Official provider for CIGNA, Aetna and Vanbreda
  • Health screening programs: recommendations & facilitation

Visiting Professors Program

  • Unique once/month consultation program
  • With top doctors in Bucharest and abroad
  • Over 10 top specialists offering medical services in Bucharest
    (cardiology, orthopedic, oncology, general surgery, gynecology,
    dermatology, hematology, aestethic surgery, FIV etc)
  • See this month’s calendar: here
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Visiting Professors Calendar February

Meet Our Visiting Professors

Coming to Bucharest from 3 continents, our Visiting Professors distinguish themselves by their academic excellence and the great number of successful clinical and medical cases. Therefore, we wanted to throw a spotlight on the person behind the doctor, the science and the knowledge.


Meet Dr. Lou Jacobs


Meet Dr. Georg Gusbeth

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Meet Dr. Iosif Niculescu


Meet Dr. Mircea Schmidt

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